Thin Peony Cuff


During the heart of the New Jersey Caronavirus crisis, we donated 100% of the sales of this cuff bracelet to local pandemic relief and put over $5,000 towards food insecurity, rent relief, and digital arts programming though redirection of funds to HelpMorrisNow, Morris Area Rent Relief Fund, and Morris Arts

Peonies were blooming while Pandemic was ranging.  We offered this particular piece to our community with a deep belief that the jewelry pieces we bring into our lives during this exceptional year will always have a special power to them.   And, of course, in many ways, it will always be the cuff for Peony Cuff Pandemic Relief.  

Add the peony branch stud earrings to compliment, or the pinecone cuff to stack if you're looking for awesome add-ons.   Get in touch if you need help deciding.  

Peony Collection

Our peony branch and seed collections are inspired by pieces collected at Peony’s Envy, one of the largest peony gardens anywhere in the world, which happens to be in owned by one of our dearest friends. The linear form of the branch collection is textured by natural botanic irregularities, and the faces of the circular seeds act as facets that catch and throw light. Peonies are some of the best-loved blossoms in the world, but we think there's a special kind of beauty in the seeds they come from, and the branches that hold them up.

About Cuff Bracelets

These can be customized to fit even more perfectly with slight adjustments in each size range.

Refer to our sizing guide for bracelet sizing. Most common size for ladies is 3, most common size for gents is 5.

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