Sweet Gum Slice Earring


Slices of sweetgum become a lacy new twist on the classic button earring.

This earring comes in two sizes-  3/4" or 1".  Shown here are the one inch post earrings on a white backgroun, and the 3/4" earrings on the model.  Also, available as clip ons.   The Sterling Silver Clip On option is in the drop down, but if you need any other variety?  Just get in touch.  

Sweet Gum Collection

The prickly brown fruit so many of us remember from our childhood backyards reveals incredible textures when altered. Carving away the exterior spikes reveals the honeycomb structure underneath, and sliced, it turns into a button of sophisticated organic lace. It's been amazing to see a jewelry saw unlock the hidden textures in this one.

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