Rodeo Palm Cuff

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Palm framed in precious metal circles the wrist.

Palm Collection

We collected the incredible pattern of this bark in Key West, Florida, years ago. Since then, we've gone back to the same tree, at the same time of year, and to different trees at different times of year... and we have never found anything quite so lovely as the bark we gathered the very first time.

About Cuff Bracelets

These can be customized to fit even more perfectly with slight adjustments in each size range.

Refer to our sizing guide for bracelet sizing. Most common size for ladies is 3, most common size for gents is 5.

The incredible organic geometry of the open-work pattern in our palm collection all comes from a single piece of bark we collected years ago from a Key West palm. Since then, we’ve gone back to the same tree, at the same time of year, and we’ve searched out different palms, at other times of the year. But we’ve never found anything as lovely as the very first piece of bark that caught our eye. It’s a reminder that we never know when the world might offer a gift to us – and how important it is to pay attention, and open our hands, whenever it does.


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