Come to the Morristown Store or call Danielle at 770-853-9827.

Note: We are on Waitlist Status for custom work and will engage projects by deposit on a rolling basis.  To meet with Danielle, make an appointment to connect in person at our Morristown store or over Google Meet! The collection in Morristown is gorgeous and hosts a ton of amazing artists that we are so proud to represent. Come see the work in person if you can! Or, let's connect digitally! It's pretty fun to go through the collection even over a screen.

What are some other reasons for appointments? Maybe you'd like a ring or bracelet and don't know your size... we can send you a ring sizer or a bangle sizer, and then meet up online to check and come together on making sure your size is just right! Or, we can go through your jewelry box together and find the pieces that mean the most- that make the most sense to work on and reinvent, to resize, to appraise. Sometimes just having someone to talk jewelry with can make all the difference. And in this crazy moment where you might actually have time for some things that haven't been able to be a priority, it might be exactly the right time to think about jewelry! We can connect over how to find a look that you love from our expanded in person collection, talk about what might make just the right gift, find something you'll love among the work of other artists we represent, or just take a minute to connect. Hope to see you soon - in one way or another!