Our Story


We began as a love story.

A friendship turned to romance when Chris proposed—shocking both of us quite a bit—and the question sparked a chain of events that have built the brand MERZATTA.

We first connected at Cranbrook Acadmey of Art in Michigan, surrounded by other makers dedicated to spending their lives discovering and declaring through their art. We set a standard there of how we would create, live, and love—amongst some of the most dedicated and talented people we know. A community of makers from Cranbrook headed to the Grenadines to work on an exceptional construction project. I followed the team years later, joining Chris on the build. We rather innocently found inspiration along the beaches—pieces of coral, unusual shells, unexpected pinecones.

Upon return to the States, a piece of sea fan coral cast in sterling became the signature pendant of our coming together. Slowly, we started to unlock hidden patterns in the natural world, responding with a contemporary edge. The parts pulled from organic forms have become the building blocks of our visual language.

We married, welcomed our daughter to the world, and built a home in New Jersey around the hearth of the studio.

The finest neighbor one could imagine opened her home to share our jewelry efforts with friends and the support during those first public hours were the permission we needed to keep creating. Since then we've found homes for our work with some of the finest people we know and are honored to see our story evolve in connection to others.

We are a relationship driven company presenting exceptional American studio jewelry to you, made with love from the bottom of our hearts. If it reflects who you are, we hope you welcome it home.

Chris Merz and Danielle Allatta

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