Cedar Flower Rodeo Moonstone Ring

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3.9ct Moonstone Center surrounded by nine 3mm flat back rose cut antique diamonds. The gold center piece is a preset antique piece, placing a legacy history into the ring. The piece is surrounded by six Cedar Flowers built onto a bramble base cast and fabricated from the stems of peony flowers - where the branch is so thin as it reaches out to the left. These thin stems are wrapped and braided into the nest pattern and seamlessly grow up to hold the side details. This incredibly complex one of a kind build will serve as inspration for other pieces in the collection to follow, but none will have the amazing one thin stem at a time attention of this very first piece of the collection.  

1 3/8" wide along the finger and 3/4" across. Size 8, and custom sizing is available.  

About Milestones:  

Milestones pieces are centered around one of a kind stones and we’ve designed them knowing they will be technically complex. The results are our best work- and we hope you collect them celebrating milestones of your own.

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