Deerhorn Cedar Cuff

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One of our favorite stackable cuffs!  Made from a gorgeous cedar piece from Oregon.  Wear with the pinecone cuff, peony double cuff, and umbrella pod cuff for the complete Merzatta stack. 


Sales from our stackable cuff bracelets have raised over $7,500 through HelpMorrisNow, the Morris Area Rent Relief Fund, Morris Arts and Homeless Solutions.


We collected our deerhorn cedar fronds in Silverton, Oregon, on grounds belonging to a rare conifer dealer who had invited us to walk through his exceptional trees and take clippings. Sitting on Chris's shoulders, Laurily reached up into the boughs as we hunted for inspiration lower down. She found in the bright green, new growth tips of mature branches. They form the core of this collection: the physical shape of resilience and new growth. 


These can be customized to fit even more perfectly with slight adjustments in each size range.

Refer to our sizing guide for bracelet sizing. Most common size for ladies is 3, most common size for gents is 5.

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