Diamond Slice Necklaces


I’ll try to get individual listings of these up so you can see each one much better-  but some of you know diamond slices so well that I’m putting this up in a little bit of a rush before the holiday!   Videos aren't loading here, but check instagram and facebook.  

Call me for questions or if I can help right away- 780-853-9727.

Diamond Slices are thin slabs of diamonds, cut with a laser, that highlight the natural mapping and complicated differences in each stone.  They are faceted by hand on the edges, and then bezel set in 14k gold.  The fifth one down is set in 22k gold and has a slightly heavier chain.   
All of the other chains are a thin 14k cable chain. 

They’re simple, sexy, and beautiful - and if you’re thinking Mother’s Day, they can ship overnight or are available for local pick up at 4 Cattano Ave on Saturday morning, May 9th between 9am and Noon. 

This batch has significantly larger stones than we usually set-  if you’re looking for a larger one, over .6 carat, now is the time.  **We very, very rarely have these sizes.**


In Order....

$410  (.25ct)

$585 (.45ct)

$645 (.45ct)

$985 (.8ct)

$1095 (.9ct)

$1295 (1.3ct)

$1250 (1.15ct)

$1250 (1.2ct)

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