Holistic Styling, One-on-One Consultation


Style is a form of personal storytelling. It is how you see, not how you’re seen. It is a living communication between your truth and a most intimate part of your material experience, your clothing. Clothing has the most potential for personal revelation, as well as for personal transformation, because we’re so close to it and we use it everyday.

The more we learn to honor our stories, the more our truth can be expressed and manifested in all of our relationships and in our material surroundings.

We are all already engaged in styling, when we bring awareness and intention to this practice, it affects all aspects of our lives.

This work is about using your clothing to discover, practice, and share your truth.

Eight, hour-long, bi-weekly sessions are tailored to your unique needs and begin with an in-depth questionnaire to assess your current relationship to your clothing. You will begin learning to listen to the stories your clothing have to tell. You will begin to use styling as a lens for gaining greater clarity, compassion, and expression for your unique journey.

How can your wardrobe support your purpose and true self? What are the ways it is holding you back? You’ll learn deep listening techniques, as well as ways of visualizing and intention setting in order to make material choices that reverberate through your life.

Price: $1,500.00 for 4 month package

About Gabriella D'Italia

Gabriella D’Italia is an award-winning, internationally exhibited, interdisciplinary artist and writer. She is the founder of Mirror & Lens, a holistic style consultancy, whose mission is to create sustainability by transforming clients’ relationships with the materials of everyday living.