Mickey McCann

Marquetry: Butterfly


Wood Type:  The wings are Olive, the body and antennae are African Blackwood, and the background is Ash. 

Why we love him: He's hilarious, has three amazing kids, and is always coming up with a tool or a trick to solve a problem that isn't his. Folks don't come more generous or loving than this guy.

And also:
Mickey McCann creates woodwork with the thoughtfulness of a poet, from his woodshop in a historic carriage house in downtown Morristown. He brings his fine hand skills and careful eye for harmony in design to his remarkable fine furniture, woodwork, and restoration projects, drawing on his training at The Krenov School in Northern California (formerly the College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program) and inspired by the unique qualities of each piece of the rare woods that serve as his natural materials.

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