Pinion Ring

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Pinion petal curves around the finger.  

The Pinion Ring is a beloved favorite in the Merzatta collection -- it looks like an effortless collection of thin stackables, yet sits comfortably on the hand as the threads taper together to the back of the finger.  It's summery in its lightness and thin enough to keep on with gloves.  The Pinion Ring is a likely everyday part of your jewelry uniform. 

Pinion Collection

Collected in Nevada. We noticed a decaying pinecone on the ground and took in the vein structure that is inside each frond. Now, we carve the pattern out of pinecones and love to share that eureka moment with people that come to shows or the store. Anytime you see a stripe pattern in our work, it is carved from the interior of the single frond of a pinecone.

About Rings

Rings are made to order and built to size. Full sizes available here, but if you need a half size or a quarter? No problem. Please include a note about your exact size and we'll make it happen for you.

While we try to keep this style in stock at all times, please consider an estimate of two weeks for delivery.  

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