White Enamel and Diamond Pendant

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The Cairns Collection is inspired by rocks stacked on beaches or at significant spots on a trail, and follows a simple format of stacking elements, one on top of another. Three slices of the same diamond are wrapped in 18k gold and triple prong set on each side in a piece of white enamel. The enamel sits on a rose cut clear quartz back. Space below the quartz top allows the pattern of the rose cut quartz to reflect onto the white enamel below. Above, in 18k gold, is a piece of whale bone harvested from the beaches of Manasota Kay, topped by a pendant of gold sheet over sterling.

approx 2 3/8 long by 1 5/8" across

About Milestones

Milestones pieces are centered around one of a kind stones and we’ve designed them knowing they will be technically complex. The results are our best work- and we hope you collect them celebrating milestones of your own.

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