White Finery


Pieced, hand quilted, hand embroidered, 100% cotton.

This piece, and it's related piece Black Finery, is a material mantra - a meditation - that came out of thinking about how changes happens over time - impermanence and also the irregular nature of change. They are not bound - the open edges on the side suggest an infinateness. The square itself is an undirected sense of time - unlike a liner sense of time - so in their stillness, they move in all directions.

These are three-dimensional layered pieces that overlap creating a texture that is at the heart of Gabriela D'Italia's best work.

Won Honorable Mention in National Fiber Directions - an exhibition of the best in Contemporary Fiber Work cureated by Jason Pollen.

60" x 60"

About Gabriella D'Italia

Gabriella D’Italia is an award-winning, internationally exhibited, interdisciplinary artist and writer. She is the founder of Mirror & Lens, a holistic style consultancy, whose mission is to create sustainability by transforming clients’ relationships with the materials of everyday living.