Exceptional Artisan Jewelry & Pieces for the Home.

Merzatta is where handmade meets heartfelt, organic meets luxury, and jewelry dreams come true.

With an available core collection and endless custom possibilities, we're ready to help you find just the right new pieces to add to your collection and to help you love what you already own even more

About the Merzatta's

Meet Chris & Danielle – They began as a love story.

A dozen years ago, Chris shocked them both when he proposed out of nowhere - and the spark in that moment started Merzatta.

Merzatta days begin with handcrafted coffee in handcrafted cups, with conversations about how to make Love, Luxury, and Legacy dreams come true.

Merzatta speaks those dreams through Jewelry, and other handmade things we wouldn't want to live without. Everything at Merzatta supports the greater vision of you knowing and loving yourself, or someone else, through the important and beautiful things around you.

One handmade cup, one piece of jewelry, one piece of art at a time.



These are our signature pieces in gold. Any piece in our core collection can be quoted and made in solid gold, but these are some pieces that come up the most often in the requests and are our personal favorites.

Follow along with shots and thoughts of the day to day