Social Responsibility


Merzatta strives to work sustainably.

Our heart is committed to making decisions with a set of values that lead us to protect the planet and participate with others who strive to do the same. The natural world motivates most of our design decisions building an obvious bridge to strengthen our connection and responsibility to the earth and its beauty.

Our raw materials are carefully considered. We have vetted the vendors we support for quality, work ethic, and kindness, and have high standards for everything in our studio—from materials to craftsmanship to love.

We also support Ethical Metalsmiths, an organization dedicated to activism for responsible mining, sustainable economic development and verified, ethical sourcing of materials for jewelry. We’re proud to be in the Circle of Founders of Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold and the Ethical Consortium of Jewelers. For more information on Ethical Metalsmiths, visit

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