Devin Bailey Griffin has been with us in one way or another since she first modeled for Merzatta in 2012.  

Astrology Nights are Third Thursdays 4pm - 7pm
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On Third Thursdays from 4pm - 7pm, Devin will take a seat and pull up a chair, and together you’ll see what's in the charts.

There are nine slots for 20 minute astrology readings - with preference given to our birth-month birthdays - and here's what's in store!

From Devin Bailey Griffin

storyteller. see-er. astrologer. 

I’m here as a guide and a channel to help celebrate YOU with you. Your natal chart is the storybook of your journey here on this physical plane and I would like to help you write, discover, fall in love with and play with your experience here. I have a background in acting, so storytelling is my favorite thing to do, whether it be through movement, song, words, art or maybe even jewelry! 
While I listen to your story, I will look through the stars and see who is talking to who and what they have to say to you… I’m here to be your guide through the cosmos, and I have a secret… the cosmos are actually you!