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These individual pieces are in private collections but show some of the ground our best pieces have covered. Each belongs in the "Milestones" collection -- these are all one of a kind pieces, built around one of a kind stones, that we consider our best work. 

As such, they are Milestone pieces for us - it's exciting to source the materials, the designs are inspired, and the builds are technically complex.

Prices on pieces in the Milestones Collection range widely and the $0 listed here indicates that this specific piece has already been purchased.

Milestones are pieces driven by the artists and we release them a few times a year,  while Commission projects are generally led by your specific needs and desires. These pieces below might serve as inspiration for a special piece made just for you! You can add any of these to your wishlist by clicking the WISHLIST button below the item's description. While the specific piece may not still be available, the record of what you loved can be so helpful as we work together.   Not sure how to build a wishlist?  Click here to get started.

We are closed for custom commissions for the rest of 2020, but look forward to working on your new pieces in the new year.  Click here and send over a note to get on the waiting list.

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