Cedar Flower Pendant

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This floral pendant measures 3/8” x 3/4” and comes with an 18” chain with adjustable loops at 15” and 16” for a tailored look, especially when layered with various necklines.

Cedar Flower Collection

This collection is made from the pinecones of cedar trees.  Unmistakenly floral in their presentation, they are a momento mori and a spring bouquet at the same time.  Gift them when you want flowers to last forever, and when the tiniest detail from the grandest tree tells the story of how you feel. 

We work with all kinds of organic materials, but we never cast a single blossom – until we found these cedar flowers. But here’s the trick: they’re not really flowers at all. They’re actually cedar pinecones, collected in Michigan, that open to create this beautiful bloom. We love it because its simple beauty is so striking, whether it’s set as a single blossom or a whole cluster. And we love that this flower is one that never fades, but blooms forever. 


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