Grass, Fern, and Peony Buckle

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This is among the few hybrids of organic forms in our collection. Lopez Ferns and Grass blades are surrounded by a Peony Stem in an awesome buckle.

Grass Collection

This wheat-like grass, with its captivating notch pattern, caught our attention in Washington State. We love the delicate way it bends, and how much character each segment adds to the entire line -- the glif in the pattern, the movement from side to side. We'd found the perfect grass - it had enough structure that it would withstand the casting process and enough interest that it could stand on its own.

About Buckles

Buckles are built to fit different belt sizes. Do you already have a snap belt you love? Get in touch and we can customize the back connection to fit your favorite belt, or have one custom made for you.

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