Oxidized Silver or Two-Tone Bronze?

What to do when bright sterling is too bright, and you're feeling a little more form than sparkle.  When the deeper metal colors are the choice, which one is right for you?  

A solid jewelry wardrobe has all the options -- summer silver for reflecting the sun, solid gold for when nothing else will do, and some artful darks that show just how much can happen in the texture of a piece.  Both our two-tone colors are amazing choices, but which one is just the ticket to delight for you? 

Our oxidized sterling silver reads a denim-like gray.  Wear it with dark hair or natural gray to pick up your own highlights.  Our bronze reads like a 14k yellow gold peeking through the deep recesses.  Wear it with gold pieces when you want a warm tone but a fine art touch without the solid gold price.  

In many ways the bronze material is the closest in color to the natural forms we use in our work, and we love the way these pieces look like they've been plucked right from the forest floor.

Oxidized sterling silver has a little more industry to it.  It's got an urban edge and a no messing around utility. 

Both finishes are easy to take care of and only get better with age.