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Tourmaline and whale bone and geode in an imbalance that feels just right... I remember seeing this grass on other late summer occasions and not collecting it because we wouldn’t be able to carve it - which is generally how we work with sweet gum fruits or casuarina pinecones or peony stems and seeds. What a silly rule to have laid over our collections— as though some assignment had been made in the sky that prevented us from working with one organic texture or another. I sometimes forget that I’m the one that makes the rules and that breaks them and that I ultimately only answer to my own design direction. Clients vote in one direction or another when we break away, but in general, the fringes are so welcomed. It’s often the one-off pieces that sell faster than we even document that they existed- that really belonged to someone else before we even finished them. My mind is racing today in its rhythmic categories of motherhood, body, loss, love, jewelry, clients, milestones, music, and 🌿. Feeling like my words need an outlet as much as everything else— and am grateful to see next Tuesday circled on the calendar as a work date with a writer friend.

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