Mica Pinecone Fan Earring

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Mica panes spread by the curve of a pinecone fan.

Mica Collection

Chris has been working with mica for decades. His final works for his MFA in painting included large installations of miniature reverse oil paintings on sheets of mica. So when we started looking for something light and bright that would allow us to create a large earring that didn't weigh down the ear, we thought of his beoloved material. These mica pieces are favorites of ours, and come in a wooden box for special care.

Crack a pinecone open and you’ll find a honeycomb: a gorgeous organic grid perfect for casting light or cradling gems. We discovered the pinecones in our collection on the coastlines of the Florida Keys, where we go to visit family, and on the Caribbean island chain of the Grenadines, where we lived for a magic year when we were first married. We love that their humble shells contain such intricate structures, and we love to share their secret with the world.


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