Umbrella Pod Cluster Earring

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How incredibly charming are these Umbrella Pods?  Fallen from trees in Winter Park, Florida and nearly on their way to you. 

Which will you choose?  If you're looking for a little more guidance on which of the darker finishes might be just right for you, note this journal entry for details. 

Approx 1/2" across.

Our daughter and children of our dear friends found these pods while playing in their hometown of Winter Park, and we nicknamed them because of their resemblance to the umbrella. They also remind us of tiny barnacles, ready to join us on a seaside adventure, but also of acorns, nodding high up in the leaves of a forest canopy. We love the simple elegance of their shape, and the way they form artful little clusters, like the facets of a gem, playful and beautiful and strong.


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