Gold Peony Single Seed Pendant

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Easily our most popular pendant in sterling, now available in 18k gold.  

This is a single peony seed is cast from the peonies at Peony's Envy in Bernardsville, a flower farm that we consider a kind of inspirational home.  

It's a simple, heavy, classic piece that moves freely on an 18" chain.

The largest public peony garden anywhere in the world happens to be near our hometown – in the backyard of one of our dearest friends. Her entire home is surrounded by thousands of peonies – red, orange, coral, yellow, white, blush pink, dark pink, pale pink – all in the dappled shade of towering oaks. Her gardens are the inspiration for this collection. And they’re also where we picked the branches, seeds, petals and buds to create these castings. The peony is the organic form we’ve worked with most extensively, and we love that our collection contains elements of peony at so many stages of life, from seed, to bud, to petal, to branch, and back again.


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