Some of the pieces most beloved by collectors are our diamond slice necklaces.
See what diamond slices are available. 
These are slices of diamonds that would not grade well in traditional cuts, but are mined large.  Sliced with a laser and chosen for the exceptional natural mapping pattern inside each stone, we set them simply in 14k gold, on 18" long chains with sizing loops at 15" and 16" for layering and wearing with different necklines.  These pieces often become like second skin to people, an easy part of their jewelry uniform.  It's a totally different take on a gold and diamond necklace and one that we are so happy to share.  
Because every piece is one of a kind, it's best to get in touch to see what is possible.  The best way to learn about them on your body, of course? Come see us and our collection, and try them on!