Welcome Team Valley National Bank!

Turn right out of the office and walk to the end of the block.  Cross at the crosswalk and then hang a right to walk up Cattano Ave!  You'll first see the entrance to Fig & Lily Restaurant and the gorgeous entrance to the High Street Courtyard.  This is a spot for post dinner mezze and wine and the perfect spot to chill.  Just on the other side of the brick wall is our little shop.  It's full of contemporary studio jewelry from dozens of artists, including our namesake collection made just a couple more blocks away, right here in Morristown.  

We're your new local jewelers and friendly gift guides and can't wait to help you in every step of the way!  From a quick card or gift for a friend to truly special pieces for major milestones or anniversaries.

The price range of the shop varies widely -kickstarts around $25 and then sky's the limit.  We do a huge amount of behind the scenes custom work, heirloom rebuilds, wedding and engagement rings.  And we've all been in town a long time and love to meet new people and connect.  We're so excited for new neighbors!