New! Canvas Stackable Cuff

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This piece is an impression of a clean piece of artists canvas-  it's a clean slate, a fresh start, a blank canvas waiting for your artist marks to arrive.  Heavier than previous stackable cuffs, it could stand alone.  But the parallel sides are looking for stackable friends. :-)

Each year on Giving Tuesday, we release a stackable cuff bracelet and raise money to do some good.  For every bracelet sold on Giving Tuesday, we'll put $50 towards Homeless Solutions, starting with their New Years Eve dinner party.  If there's more? That goes to other great things they make happen, at the discretion of their general fund.  Homeless Solutions has been near and dear to our hearts for a long time, and we've hosted NYE for them for the last four years.  Thank you for making that possible- and for wearing this meaningful piece.

Wear with the pinecone cuff, peony double cuff, cedar cuff and umbrella pod cuff.


These can be customized to fit even more perfectly with slight adjustments in each size range.

Refer to our sizing guide for bracelet sizing. Most common size for ladies is 3, most common size for gents is 5.


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