Gold Stud Earrings

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Grain Studs - tiny , $145

Grain Studs - small ,  $200

Gear Studs , $265

Pinecone Arrow Studs , $285

Star Studs , $220

Peony Tiny Branch Studs , $285

Pinecone Studs ,  $585

Umbrella Pod Studs ,  $425

Listed from top to bottom, starting with the left column.   These eight studs are easy, lovely, all the time pieces.  The scale in relationship to each other can be helpful, especially if you already have any of these pieces in bronze or sterling.   The largest pair, the Pinecone Studs, are about 1/4".   

Also, if you want to get just one?  Or intending to mix and match?  Use the code "JUSTONE" to engage 50% off and to get just one half of the pair.  

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