Pinecone Cuff for Black Lives Matter


Delicate stackable cuff made with casuarina pinecones. 

$98 in bronze (I recommend the two-tone bronze).

$135 in sterling silver.  (Sparkly your jam?  Choose sterling silver, as shown here.  A little more casual? Oxidized sterling, not shown, is great because it doesn’t tarnish and is maintenance free.) 

Put in the code BLACKLIVESMATTER at check out because it’s important to type the words.   Your entire purchase will be donated to the local cause ASAP.  You don’t need a bracelet to make this donation; you could do it yourself.  But we understand the power in objects deeply and if connecting to a piece of jewelry that will forever represent a piece of the power in this incredible movement, we want to be part of that and our work is offered as a gift from extremely full hearts.  

Looking for a compliment?  Pair it with the Peony Cuff for Pandemic Relief. 

Pinecone Collection

Australian pines are a thirsty species often imported to help fortify coastlines. Our pinecones were found in the Florida Keys and on the Caribbean island chain of the Grenadines. Their shapes are hearty, but when carved, truncated, or sliced as fine jewelry, their natural texture and the depths of its highs and lows pick up light in an extraordinarily beautiful way.

About Cuff Bracelets

These can be customized to fit even more perfectly with slight adjustments in each size range.

Refer to our sizing guide for bracelet sizing. Most common size for ladies is 3, most common size for gents is 5.

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