Merzatta Staff

Come to the Morristown Store or schedule below.

Want a helper with your holidays? We've built a collection we are so proud to share with you and would love to help you get to know the work and make some choices.

To meet up with Merzatta for a Holiday Appointment, choose a time to connect in person at our Morristown store or over Google Meet! The collection in Morristown is gorgeous and hosts a ton of amazing artists that we are so proud to present. Come see the work in person if you can! But if not, it's pretty fun to go through the collection even over a screen.  

If you're choosing a bunch of gifts for your friends, staff, or your book club, we're here to make that easy but considered, and ultimately a beautifully gift wrapped hit.  If you'd just like to step into some new pieces for yourself this season because that's part of the fun of celebrating the year?  We are all for it.  

Note:  We will engage custom projects by appointment and then deposit on a rolling basis after Feb 25th, 2022.  We typically operate with a Waitlist, so book anytime, and we'll both look forward to connecting in the New Year!